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Zhangye National Geopark

Riding camels in Zhangye National Geopark! Zhangye Danxia is a quite amazing landscape that took nature some 24 millions years to create by different sediment layers slowly being stacked up on top of each other. I guess this was part of the ocean bottom at that time. The camel ride was really nice as we totally got away from all the tourists and instead could enjoy a quiet ride through the valley where we could see all the colors up close.
The colors are supposedly most brightly visible after rainfall but we were not that lucky (or unlucky (?) as it’s very dry here with not a lot of rain during the whole year). The national park is an UNESCO Heritage Site since 2009.
As a side note the new US/Chinese movie “The Great Wall” with Matt Damon had some scenes shot here as well.

Posted: 14 Feb 2017