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Ljungholm Engineering iOS App

About the app 001

Ljungholm Engineering iOS app is a small collection of tools for bearing technology purposes.

About Ljungholm Engineering 002

Ljungholm Engineering is a Swedish Company specialized in bearing technology and provides training, sales, maintenance and installation for bearing applications. For more information visit their homepage at

Functions 003

  • Calculator
    • 5 line display
    • Trigonometric functions
    • Calculate thermal expansion
  • Tolerance tables
  • Tightening torque table for different bolt sizes and quality

Q&A 004

  • Q: Why does the thermal expansion return answer in meter when I select [mm] as input unit?
  • A: As meter is the SI unit the convention is to always use meter in calculations in order to avoid mistakes. The [mm] unit only applies to the input parameter
  • Q: What version of iOS is needed to run the app?
  • A: iOS 5.0 or later
Slide 1

Tolerance tables for different type of fittings

Slide 2

Quickly look-up tolerance values

Slide 3

Check recommended fastening torque for bolts

Slide 4

Settings screen. The App is available in English and Swedish language

Slide 5

Calculator: 5 line display

Slide 6

Calculator: Trigonometric functions

Slide 7

Quickly calculate thermal expansion for different materials

Slide 11

IT grade table: Quickly look-up tolerance values

The iOS app has been developed by Fredrik Sundstrom.
Copyright © 2021 by Fredrik Sundstrom