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2015/01/15 MacOSX,Network

I had some troubles connection to a server as the local subnet and the vpn office subnet used the same address range. The default route would therefore be to find the computer in the local subnet (via local gateway). In order to connect to the computer at the other end of the VPN I needed to add a specific rule to the routing table so that it must use the VPN network interface. See commands for Mac OS X (v 10.10) below.

View routing table

netstat -rn    (where "n" stands for numeric addresses)

List network interfaces


Add route

sudo route -v add -interface ppp0

(where ppp0 is the interface for my VPN connection)

2015/01/15 Emacs

I'm not using Emacs as much as I once was doing and I start to forget all those keyboard commands.
Here's a short list of the most essential:

Exit emacs CTRL-x CTRL-c
Save file  CTRL-x CTRL-s
Help files CTRL-h CTRL-h
Cancel command CTRL-g
Kill buffer CTRL-x k
Dismiss all other windows CTRL-x 1
Set mark here [email protected] or CTRL-space
Exchange cursor and mark CTRL-x CTRL-x
Kill the marked region CTRL-w
Copy the marked region ESC w
Paste ('yank') CTRL-y