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2016/11/22 MacOSX

I had some problems getting a Fuji-Xerox DocuPrint to print from my Mac, I tried multiple drivers but it still only printed garbage (see photo below). Turns out that the Mac requires the printer to support postscript. It's a bit confusing as this printer (FX DocuPrint 2065) says it supports Mac and it also gets autodetected when I try to add the printer. Problem is, the printer I tried to add doesn't have the postscript module (it's actually an optional addon!) so in order to get it to print correctly I need to install a non-ps printer driver! This is quite tricky to find out, and also not so easy to find where to download this driver. 

Links for downloading the non-ps driver at 

Printer output using postscript driver when printer doesn't support postscript! 

Note that the autodetected driver says "PS", but if the printer doesn't have the postscript module this will not work.

Need to click "View All" to show the download link for the "Non PS" driver.

After installing the downloaded "Non PS" driver, you need to manually select it when adding the printer.