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2016/08/11 MacOSX,iOS

I've got a lot of trouble accessing Apple's servers from work/home here in Shanghai. Maybe the servers are too busy, but in any case, most of the time the iTunes update operation (downloading the file) disconnects before it's completed. The same happens often with XCode simulator downloads btw.

So a better way is to download the firmware first and then install it via iTunes. You need to first check which firmware file to download for the iPhone, it is either GSM or GLOBAL (CDMA + GSM) version. You can check the model number at the back of the phone and just google it to find out which type you have got.

In my case it is: iPhone 5s Model A1533 (GSM)
iPhone 5s is encoded as model nr 6 for the IPSW filename, where 6.1 is for GSM and 6.2 is for GLOBAL.

Next step is to download the IPSW file, for example:,1_9.3.2_13F69_Restore.ipsw

9.3.4 is a jailbreak security patch, so I rather just install 9.3.2.

Install IPSW on iPhone

Always make a backup before upgrading iOS.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer
  2. Select the device in iTunes
  3. Hold down the "Option" key and click on "Update" ("Shift" key on Windows)
  4. Select the IPSW file you downloaded
  5. iOS installation runs as normal

You can also click on "Restore" and select an IPSW file but this will lose all existing files and settings on the iPhone.