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2016/06/14 PHP,Joomla

Had to upgrade and re-install a Joomla-site. One thing that is a bit annoying is how to get the "log" and "tmp" folder variables in system configuration set correctly. Joomla needs the absolute physical path, so a relative path will not work. And if the "tmp" folder is not writable (easy to check under "System Information" -> "Folder Permissions") then its not possible to install new extensions (which I needed to do).

One way to get the full path is to upload a php file and just type it out:

<?php echo "cwd: " . getcwd(); ?>

Not ideal but it will work. I wish the Joomla system configuration UI could have an info button that would display the current path and I could just copy and paste from there. 

I suppose if I log in to the hosting company's administration website I may also be able to find the full path from there but its also a bit of a hassle.

One way that I found that seems to be an easy way to find the path is to use Akeeba backup and click "Configuration". The "Output Directory" will contain the full path to the joomla base directory. Another way (if Akeeba isn't installed) is to go to "System Information" and select "PHP Environment". Scroll down to "Apache Environment" and the OVERWRITE_DOCUMENT_ROOT variable will contain the full physical path.