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Way of setting up default ring tone and music box (ring music) broadcast order:1. Visit Wo music website with computer (, at the web page's upper right corner click "login", enter phone number (email, other username), password, verification code; after sucessful login click on account number with small user icon at web page's upper right corner, and you will enter the "user center" service management web page.2. In "ring tone database" or "ring music box" select the melody to be configured, click "set as default ring tone", follow the web page's hints for operations and you can set up ring tone song broadcast order. Xuan Ling (炫铃) is China Unicom's public offer for individualized ring tone service, it's customized by the user, giving priority to providing the user with pleasing sounding music or a greeting to replace the normal ring tone (note: 回铃音 = answering ring tone) service.


Posted: 22 Aug 2016