Fredrik Sundstrom


  • M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering at Luleå University of Technology
  • Studied Chinese language for two years at university in Beijing
  • Worked for 4 years at Åkers Tisco Rolls in Taiyuan, Shanxi (project manager)
  • Currently working at Scandic Sourcing Consulting company in Shanghai (Operations Manager and IT Manager)

Came travelling to China to play Go (a long time a go ..) and stayed to study Chinese after that. Enjoys computer stuff especially all sorts of programming.

See my LinkedIn profile: [email protected]

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map of China
Quick facts:
  • Lived here 2005-2007
  • The capital and political centre of China
  • Population: 21 million (2013)

Beijing - capital of China since the Yuan dynasty (the time of the Mongolian invasion). The standard dialect (mandarin) is the language spoken in Beijing and the rest of northern China. There are a lot of universities and schools for studying Chinese language, mostly around Wudaokou in Haidian district. I studied Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University and Tsinghua University. It's really a great place for studying Chinese! There's also a lot to see and do in Beijing. If you ever travel in China, Beijing is probably the place to start, but please avoid the winter, as the winter in Beijing isnt a lot of fun! Some of the most famous places are: The Great Wall, The Forbidden Palace and The Summer Palace.

studying in Beijing

walking on the great wall
Quick facts:
  • Lived here 2008-2012
  • Province capital of Shanxi
  • Population: 4.2 million (2010)

Taiyuan - famous as the coal capital of China (even though most coal in China is mined in Inner Mongolia, not in Shanxi). Taiyuan is a city with a lot of heavy industry, as many other northern Chinese cities. I worked for Åkers Tisco Rolls Co during my four year stay in Taiyuan. Tisco is short for Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company, and is the world's biggest producer of stainless steel and one of the biggest steel companies in China.


Quick facts:
  • Living here since 2012
  • The financial centre of mainland China
  • Population: 24 million (2012)

Shanghai - the bustling city of China. As a city created by commerce Shanghai is strategically located at the river mouth of the Yangze river. A model city for the Communist party that grown rapidly since the 80s. I'm currently living and working here.